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Bennett Soccer League

The Bennett League is an innovative soccer program that aims to develop young soccer talent and provide them with high-quality coaching and competition opportunities. The league will be unique in that it will compete exclusively within its own league, allowing for a focused and competitive environment.


To ensure the highest standards of play and style, all levels of the league will be coached directly and virtually by experienced coaches from Spain or Argentina. This will help maintain the integrity of the game and ensure that players receive top-notch training.


The Bennett League has established partnerships with renowned soccer clubs Villarreal C.F. and Grupo Equipo. These partnerships will provide youth players with the opportunity to be evaluated by the best in the industry and receive hands-on training, performance analysis, and film study.


In addition to developing soccer talent, the Bennett League is committed to giving back to the communities it works with. The program will establish various health initiatives aimed at combating chronic diseases, thereby promoting overall well-being among participants.As part of the program, all-star teams will have the opportunity to travel to Rosario, Argentina, and the Valenciana region of Spain. During these trips, players will not only compete against some of the best leagues in the world but also have the chance to immerse themselves in the local culture, take language classes, and further enhance their soccer skills.


Overall, the Bennett League aims to provide a comprehensive and enriching soccer experience for young players, focusing on skill development, competition, cultural exchange, and community engagement.

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